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Alberta is located in the west of Canada and is bordered by British Columbia to the west, Saskatchewan to the east and the Northwest Territories to the north, as well as by the State of Montana (USA) to the south. The province is named in honor of the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and wife of General Governor of Canada Marquess of Lorne.

Some other sites, such as Lake Louise, the village of Caroline and the Mount Alberta were also named in honor of the princess. Alberta is the center of Canada’s oil and gas business. 80% of the population is urban, and more than a half lives in Edmonton and Calgary, the two largest cities of the province. Alberta is the sunniest province of Canada.

Edmonton is the capital of the province and the “oil capital” of Canada. The biggest shopping mall in the world, called Edmonton Mall and the Edmonton Space and Science Centre with the largest planetarium in Canada are located here.

Calgary is the largest city of the province. Calgary is named after Calgary Bay, a bay located in Scotland. It is fairly called the Canada’s Texas or “Texas in Canada”. Calgary is a city of the annual cowboy festival Calgary Stampede, the city of real Indians, cowboys and white Stetsons (cowboy hats). It is a city that preserved the spirit of the legendary first settlers who wanted to succeed, despite the difficulties; a city of blue sky, clean Bow and Elbow rivers among shady shores; Calgary Flames; the city of 1988 Winter Olympics. Calgary is known as Canada’s energy capital, because of a large number of oil companies. It is one of the most important business centers in the country.

In rural areas around Calgary, citizens grow wheat, breed cattle and produce natural gas. Mountain areas attract many tourists. The mountains are the cause of a rather dry climate in Calgary. Summers here are mild, with average temperatures in July that vary from + 15 ° to + 30 ° C. The average winter temperature is -16 ° to -4 ° C. Frosts are mitigated by the warm wind. Calgary has a unique park, the Calgary Zoo`s Prehistoric Park (Canada), which include 100 species of prehistoric plants and dinosaurs figures who lived in this area in the prehistoric period. This area has the largest number of dinosaur remains in the world.

Most of Alberta’s territory is covered by prairie. Here you may see the hoodoos, which were ascribed mystical significance by the Indians. The territory of Alberta was inhabited by several Indian people. As for example, the southern Alberta was home for the Blackfoot tribe, which included the Blackfoots, the Bloods and the Peigans. These tribes spoke the same language and had a common history. In prairies, they hunted the bison, which is called “buffalo”, in America. Now the Blackfoot’s hunting area is a UN World Heritage Site called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo (Alberta, Canada). It is located 18 km from the town of Fort McLeod (Alberta, Canada). Certainly, the most famous national parks of the province are the Banff National Park and Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada).


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Thank you so much for the professional advice on immigration to Canada under the program “Family sponsorship” that influenced the rest of my life. Lyudmila, city of Tel Aviv, Israel
Работа В Канаде Для Украинцев
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I want to thank you once again for your assistance in documents preparation, as well as for handling my immigration case. Thank you very much for your professionalism, understanding and timely support in all aspects of my uneasy immigration to Canada. Svetlana city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Работа В Канаде Для Украинцев
I would like to express my gratitude for your professionalism and invaluable assistance that you offered me. From the initial consultation on immigration to Canada, preparation of necessary documents and assistance in proper filling out of documents for immigration under the program “Family sponsorship in Canada.” Valeria ,Toronto, Canada.


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