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Special offer

You have a unique opportunity to participate in the Co-op program that allows you to attend courses in one of the most prestigious colleges of the beautiful Canadian city of Toronto or Vancouver, as well as to get Canadian experience with a good salary for a student!


24 weeks – $ 3 015 theory / practice / work 
+ $ 1000 – Textbook fee
+ $ 200  – Registration fee

Introduction to the Tourism Industry

Tourism Business Management

Types of tourism, tourist service schemes, order of travel services booking, documents flow

Tourist programs

Peculiarities advising clients on tourist products and services of the company
Booking and searching for services using online booking systems
Students who graduate from our International Travel Foundations program are eligible to work as: Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Tour Coordinators, Airport Customer Service Representatives and Travel Agency Owners.

Hospitality management – Certificate

20 weeks – $ 2744 theory / practice / work 
+ $ 1000 – Textbook fee
+ $ 200  – Registration fee
Graduates will receive an additional Certificate for each successful module + Membership in the The American Hotel – Lodging Association (AH & LA) recognized by the majority of North America’s employers in Hospitality industry.
The student may complete the full program and receive a diploma or pass one or few courses of 5 weeks duration each to receive a Certificate:
– Introduction to Hospitality 
– Hospitality Management 
– Food and Beverage 
– Sales and Accounting

Main subjects of the program: 

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry 
Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting 
Hospitality Sales and Marketing 
Managing Front Office Operations 
Career opportunities: Hotel Personnel Manager, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Specialist, Booking and Accommodation Specialist. 

Business Administration Program 

Vocational Program lasts 20 weeks (for a Certificate) and 40 weeks (for a Diploma) and allows students to study and work.


20 weeks theory / practice / work 
$ 2 744 Tuition fee 
+ $ 850 – Textbook fee 
+ $ 400  – Practice
+ $ 200  – Registration fee

1 module 
Program Outline 
BA -101: 20 Weeks 
Section 101-1 
Introduction to the Business World – 5 weeks 
Section 101-2 
Managerial finance & Economics – 5 weeks 
Section 101-3 
International trade management and book / keeping / financial accounting – 3 weeks 
Business Law – 2 weeks 
Section 101-4 
Human Resources – 5 weeks 

2 module 

BA – 201: 20 Weeks 
Section: 201-1 
Introduction to Business writing – 5 weeks 
Section: 201-2 
Project management – 5 Weeks 
Section: 201-3 
International and Local Marketing – 5 Weeks 
Section: 201-4 
Employment strategies & Customer Service – 5 weeks 


40 weeks theory / practice / work 
$ 5 190 – Tuitition fee 
+ $ 1500 – Textbook fee
+ $ 400 – Self co-op 
+ $ 200  – Registration fee

Communication Skills for the International Workplace 

48 weeks Tuition Fee – C $ 5 736 by Dec 31 2014 plus fees for application 
24 weeks theory 
24 weeks practice / work 
Coop Term Services Fee $ 640 
+ registration fee $ 125 

Study Term includes course content on Canadian Culture and the workplace, travel, tourism, hospitality, customer service, sales and marketing … / All Tuition fees are subject to change /

Prepation of documents for the program is paid additionally
Additional services (optional):
– Meeting at the airport: $ 90
– Accommodation $ 250
* These services may be free of charge, under the contract


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Thank you so much for the professional advice on immigration to Canada under the program “Family sponsorship” that influenced the rest of my life. Lyudmila, city of Tel Aviv, Israel
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SvetlanaHealth care worker
I want to thank you once again for your assistance in documents preparation, as well as for handling my immigration case. Thank you very much for your professionalism, understanding and timely support in all aspects of my uneasy immigration to Canada. Svetlana city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Эмиграция В Канаду
I would like to express my gratitude for your professionalism and invaluable assistance that you offered me. From the initial consultation on immigration to Canada, preparation of necessary documents and assistance in proper filling out of documents for immigration under the program “Family sponsorship in Canada.” Valeria ,Toronto, Canada.


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